Whether your clients are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or above, getting the perfect blowout for a special occasion can make them feel like a new person. Blow-dry bars are the "fashionable" go-to places for clients of all ages - offering no cuts, no color, just voluminous blowouts.

More women than ever are opting for professionals to wash and style their locks for that "top-notch" look. You have to agree, when your clients are spending $35+ for a professional blow-dry, you definitely want their style to last for as long as possible.

Mario Russo, owner and lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo in Boston, whose team of stylists are well-regarded for their luxurious blowouts, shares his top tips for how to keep your client's blow-dry lasting for days.

7 Tips to Make Your Client's Blow-Dry/Blowout Last 72 Hours

TIP #1: Start with a Clean Canvas

"In order to make sure your client's blow-dry lasts for days after their trip to the salon, recommend they head to their appointment with squeaky clean hair. Your client should shampoo their hair two to three times the night before they're due for a blow-dry. When they arrive at the salon, wash their hair again. The combination of that wash and their pre-washes will ensure a clean canvas for a grease-free blow-dry. Typically, we recommend people do NOT wash their hair multiple times in one day, however, when you’re about to get a blow-dry that you want to last for days, having super clean hair is the perfect prep!"

TIP #2: Less is More

"One of the first steps to ensure a long-lasting blow-dry begins at the shampoo and condition sink. When it comes to blow-dries, less product is more. Use a volumizing product at the sink and either skip the conditioner, or only apply a small amount of conditioner to JUST the ends of the hair. Don't overload your client's locks with product. A few drops of serum or a heat protectant should be sufficient to keep their hair smooth and frizz-free, without weighing it down. As stylists, we LOVE products, but also love our clients – a good stylist will listen to your needs & requests and make recommendations based on your hair type."

TIP #3: Put a Cap On It

"For home care, recommend that they section off bigger pieces of their hair and loosely wrap them up in Velcro curlers, using bobby pins to secure any loose strands. Once all of the curlers are placed in their hair, recommend that they wrap their head in a cotton-lined shower cap, providing another layer of protection against the moisture and steam. The curlers provide a boost of volume, making their blow-dry look brand new, while the cloth shower cap provides extra protection against the moisture in the air."

TIP #4: Beauty Sleep

"Whoever said the fabric scrunchies from the '80s were out of style, has never gotten a blow-dry before! As we all know, while you’re sleeping, your hair can become a tangled mess. Since rubber hair elastics break your hair and leave unwanted creases on your locks, what’s a girl to do? Putting the hair up in a fabric, cloth scrunchie is the perfect way to keep locks in line. Loosely wrap hair up in a high bun and use a scrunchie to secure it."

TIP #5: Rain, rain, go away

"The humidity and moisture of a rainy day is the number one killer of a great blow-dry. If your client happens to catch some drops of rain, have them immediately apply a dime-size amount of their favorite anti-frizz serum throughout their mane. Instead of their hair drying into a frizzy mess, the serum will help the hair dry in smoother waves, transitioning their blow-dry into a soft, 'blownout' look."

TIP #6: Reboot and Refresh

"The key to maintaining a long-lasting blow-dry is taking care of the new ‘do, starting after day one. Those in-between-days are crucial to keeping a style looking fresh! Day two after their blow-dry is the time to get rid of the limp pieces of hair, which typically are the ones closest to your roots/scalp.

"Have your client try wrapping up small sections of their hair around a medium-sized curling iron. After creating a bit of curl, have them comb the wavy pieces out and apply a shine spray on the styled area. This trick will add volume to the crown of your head and help make your blow-dry look fresh!"

TIP #7: Grease…and Shine-Free

"After day two or three, your client may notice some extra shine at the roots of their hair. A little dry shampoo can fix any doubts they have about extending the life of their blow-dry. Recommend that they flip their head upside down and apply the dry shampoo all over. Once they are right side up again, have them focus on spraying the roots of their hair to sop up any unwanted grease that is forming."


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