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Sungei Vo of Sean Lauren 2 Salon in Colleyville, Texas, is a Toni & Guy artist trained in cutting who just recently started doing color. Inspired by many artists on Instagram, Vo has been following and discovering formulas "from the greats such as Guy Tang, Tracy Cunningham, and many more featured on Modern Salon.  Instagram is my secret weapon and the best resource for hair techniques, innovation and creative thinking."

When MODERN saw her pretty rose petal pink, we asked for the formula. Vo delivered:


Before: Client had two inches of new growth, natural level 7/8, previously highlighted to a level 9.

Formula A: Redken Up to 7 powder 11g + 20 vol 1oz  + 1/4 Olaplex no.1 (with Olaplex equivalent to 10/15 vol)

Formula B: Redken Up to 7 powder 11g + 30 vol 1oz  + 1/4 Olaplex no.1 (with Olaplex equivalent to 20/25 vol)

Formula C: 15g Pravana Rose + 15g Pravana Wild Orchid + 30g Olaplex no2 + 30g It's a Ten Mask

How to:

Step 1. Four section foil highlight, ear to ear radial, centerpart down to nape. Back half, take half inch subsections between each foil, alternating slices and weaves. Formula A

Step 2. Front half, take quarter inch subsections, diagonal back, leading up to the crown to create a herringbone pattern. Formula A, and final section Formula B

Step 3. Process at room temperature until level 10 is achieved. Rinse thoroughly, and towel blot dry. Apply Formula C from roots to ends, saturate well, and comb through every section. Process with cap for 20 min at room temperature. 

Step 4. Shampoo with Joico Color Endure and condition with Joico Kpak conditioner. Use cool water.

Blow out with a large vented ceramic roundbrush. Style using Hot Tools 1 1/4 inch curling iron, and go back in with Sultra bombshell one inch wand.

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