4 Eyeliner Applications Tips

Eye liner is probably the most intimidating cosmetic item used by modern women. We hope to remove a bit of this apprehension by sharing a few tips on how (and when) eye liner should be used.

TO DEFINE: Many women have pale hair and therefore pale brows and lashes. These women find that their eyes appear bland in the context of their face, specifically after the application of lip and cheek color and eye shadow. For these women, the use of eye liner is in a fine line along the edges of the top and lower lids in order to frame the eye.

TO BALANCE: A common use of eye liner is to balance the look of the eye when the lower lashes are sparse. In this case, the correct use is to apply a fine line along the edge of the lower lid so that the lower lashes appear thicker and balance with the lashes along the upper lid.

TO EXTEND/WIDEN: For women whose eyes are closely set, eye liner can be used to help create the illusion that the eyes are more widely spaced. In these cases, the liner is applied from the center point of the upper and lower lids to the outer corners of the eyes. This application technique draws focus to the outside of the eyes and helps to make the eyes appear wider.

TO NARROW: Some women have widely-spaced eyes and eye liner will help you to make the eyes appear closer together. As you may deduce from the discussion of wide-set eyes, to make the eyes appear closer together simply apply eyeliner to the top and lower lids from the center to the inner corner.

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