Kelly Ehlers, social media expert and founder of Ideas that Evoke marketing firm
Kelly Ehlers, social media expert and founder of Ideas that Evoke marketing firm

Last up on our Social Media Sizing Guide, Pinterest.

Your salon is every guest’s go-to guide for beauty. Pinterest should be an extension of the assistance and inspiration you give to every guest. A place to showcase guest transformations, depict visions of upcoming hair trends, and how-to articles for all the latest styles. As a professional it’s important that your brand and your image portrays your exceptional level of service and skill. Optimizing your visual portfolio will help you portray that professionalism and make your pins stand out.

When adding a pin to your board, it’s crucial to remember that Pinterest puts a limit on the width of an image but not the length. Because of this guideline, Pinterest gives you the opportunity to pin image dimensions of your liking.  This means ideal images will be taller than the width of said photo. For example, you could pin a square image or even an infographic (much like the one above).  But consider the max width on any pin is going to be 236px wide.

Board covers are images on your Pinterest profile that communicate the topic each board. By uploading new images to your board covers, you also have the opportunity to brand your account. Sizing your image to the appropriate dimensions and using consistent brand imagery will provide visual symmetry across your account. The board cover has a limit of 222px x 150px, and thumbnails are 55px x 55px. 

Lastly, your profile photo is always a vital yet easy way to brand across all social channels. Profile photos on Pinterest are limited to 165px x 165px.

Shaping Pinterest Proportions

Let’s recap those numbers:

  • Pin size width needs to be limited to maximum of 236px
  • Board covers are 222px x 150px
  • Board thumbnails will be displayed as squares, reduced to 55px x 55px
  • Profile photos, also square, should be kept to 165px x 165px

Tip: When choosing images for boards, make sure it meets the following...

  • Use an image that fits the sizing criteria
  • One that is relevant to the board topic
  • Visually appealing to the target audience


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