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Imagine selling $1,500 in retail products per month!

Connie – a John Amico stylist and colorist does just that, in her basement salon! That’s an extra $18,000 per year! According to John Amico Jr., Connie hit number one with the John Amico Company in retail sales this year. Before she starting selling John Amico products, she never sold retail. So how did Connie go from selling no retail to becoming number 1?

MAKE A PLAN: “She started with a goal, if you don’t have a goal you aren’t going anywhere,” said John Jr. “The first step to selling retail is to have a goal. You need to focus on something you would like to improve and you will see growth. Connie focused on retail sales. She put tremendous focus on growing this category and after time, she saw considerable growth.” John Jr. says to think of it like a self-fulfilling prophecy – whatever you think will happen, will happen. “All you need to do is program your mind to think correctly. It comes down to only YOU when selling retail.”

MAKE IT PART OF YOUR CULTURE: Retail sales has to be part of your salon's culture. This means that with every guest you should be showing them each of the products you are applying to their hair, describing what each product does, and then offering to have it waiting at the counter for them when they checkout. It has to be part of every conversation you have with each client. “If your retail strategy is not working right now, try a new approach. Always push yourself but keep your goals and numbers manageable.”

STOCK UP ON INVENTORY: Having enough inventory is crucial. “If you go into Connie’s basement, she has a whole wall of product. Think of it as an investment. With John Amico products we will sell them wholesale, and then usually our stylists will double that product price and add $1 or $2 to it.” John Jr. stresses that in order to be making retail numbers like Connie does monthly, you have to have the inventory for those numbers. Try doubling, switching out or refreshing your inventory and see if your numbers go up.

GENERATE BUZZ: Do you have a marketing program in your salon? Do you advertise your products? If your means of advertising is not working, try a new, creative approach. Utilize social media to get the word out. Make your display and counters attractive and keep them clean; give them the prominence they deserve in your front area. Change up your displays seasonally.

Start by making your display and counters attractive and keeping them clean; give them the prominence they deserve in your front area. Change and refresh displays frequently. Keep displays well-lighted and make sure you back bar represents all of your retail brands. - See more at:


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