Stack Your Insta-Hand

by Kelly Ehlers | September 26, 2014
Kelly Ehlers, social media expert and founder of Ideas that Evoke marketing firm
Kelly Ehlers, social media expert and founder of Ideas that Evoke marketing firm

Selfies, food-grams and style sightings – the basics to every Instagram account are simple and easy to get the hang of. But for those who are looking to stand out, there’s a bit more to it. Staying on edge is key to running a successful business whether it’s product, service or social. It’s time to up your ante on Instagram, and we’ve got five cool tricks to show you how.

1. Tagged no more.

Your friend just tagged you in a pic you probably don’t want your clients or business associates to see. Whoops! So, get rid of it! How? Click the three-dot button on the bottom of the post and selecting “Photo Options.” Here you can select “Hide from my profile”, which will keep you tagged in the original photo, but will not allow it to be seen by any of your followers on your profile. However, if that’s not quite enough, you can select the “More Options” button and tap “Remove me from the Photo”. This will remove your tag completely from the photo, no longer connecting you in any way, shape or form.

2. Sharing is caring.

We’ve all been there – you forgot to tap Twitter and Facebook before Sharing that awesome new look you created and now you’re going to have to post to each channel separately! …or not? That’s right, there’s a way to share previously posted photos to your linked social accounts at any time after they’ve been posted. Simply click the three-dot button at the bottom of the post and select “Share”. The entire post will appear, showing exactly how it will be shared and even allowing you to edit the caption! Choose your accounts, and share away.
Keeping your audience informed – a royal flush.

3. The RIGHT time for ads.

Okay although sometimes we hate them, some of the ads that pop up on your feed can be pretty cool. But if you don’t like it, do something! That three-dot button at the bottom of the ad is once again king. Click it, and you have the option to choose “I don’t like this image” or simply that you don’t like that company/brand. The key is giving feedback as you see ads come by – less insurance agencies and more vacations spots for me please! TRUMPED.

4. Spammers be gone.

No, we don’t want to #followforfollow. Frustrated by these spammy comments clogging your real follower’s opinions? So clear it up. Open up the comments thread and tap the spammers comment. “Delete Comment” or “Delete Comment and Report Abuse”, depending on just how annoying or inappropriate the particular spammer is.

No more three of-a-kind posts. You’re moving on to bigger (and more relevant) things.

5. Staying in the know.

Or as we like to say, the right way to creep.
There’s nothing wrong with doing a little market research on the people you follow. By going to the News page, you can find your notifications. However, if you click on the “Following” tab, you can see whom the people you follow are following, liking or just topics their interested in! This will make it easier to focus your posts on what your followers want to see.

It’s all about finding that necessary pair. So that’s it. Stack your hand with these few tips and suddenly your business will feel like you’ve hit the Insta-jackpot. Let’s deal!


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