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Trend Alert: “Urban Oxford” By Marylle Koken

Former private school boys, time to kick it up a notch with the latest trend, “Urban Oxford.” Lose the preppy and bring in the sexy with a look that combines deliberate style and laid-back street. 

Who wears the “Urban Oxford?” Men. Men who are uber confident yet unpretentious. These men are poised with just enough badass in them to make ‘em interesting. They dare to be different, and gosh darn it they pull it off. 

I was inspired by each word; urban – for the man who thrives off the downtown street scene, and oxford – for the man who knows class and style like the back of his hand.

This shape works because:

-It’s versatile, nonchalant and has a casual look to it. Effortless meets powerful.

-It’s sharp enough to make a strong statement. And we mean sharp – look at those piercing strands.

This is the perfect trend for that man who wants to blur the line between professional and edgy (hello sexy!).

Know a stud perfect for the Urban Oxford? Send me a pic (@kokentheharlot)! 




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