Donate to City of Hope
Donate to City of Hope

Whether or not you think about it every day, we are part of a great business. The products we market, the designs we create, the materials we ship, even down to the freight we haul—everything goes into how positively the public experiences the beauty industry. As the industry has grown, we have grown along with it and over the years, our business and yours has succeeded through the industry, and this is our chance to return the favor.

On a personal note, our CEO, Frank Cacciato, is a nine-year prostate cancer survivor and while his recovery was a rocky road, he learned that process can be easier with the help of the right people, like those at City of Hope. City of Hope performs some of the world’s leading research into the links between diabetes and cancer, while providing outstanding care, conducting innovative research and offering vital education programs. Held to a high esteem in our industry, they continue to give back to all of us not only by transforming health care, but also through the prestigious Spirit of Life award given yearly to an outstanding leader for his or her strong contribution to our community in the beauty industry. 

Help Katherine Frank Creative fight for cancer awareness and the request that people never stop campaigning for education and disease research. Join us in our mission by donating to our City of Hope page and by showing us how YOU wear pink! Upload a photo to social media using the hashtag #PITNB. Whether it’s pink lipstick, a workout tank top or your new dog purse, you will be helping our mission. Keep in mind, we will feature the most creative submissions on our Facebook. Thanks for all your support!

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