After a failed at-home attempt to make her hair blue, this client came to colorist Kristina Fahnholz from Aurelio Salon in Howell, NJ, seeking help. The client's desired look was a bright platinum blonde lying over a deep rich brown. Fahnholz transformed this client's DIY color into a sleek and chic, healthy-looking hairstyle.


STEP 1: Section just above the top of ears and apply a mixture of 25mL 5K, 15 mL 6B, 40mL 20 Volume Goldwell Topchic Lotion from new zone to ends.

STEP 2: Back-to-back foil using Goldwell Oxycur Platin with 20 Volume - keeping a watchful eye on the highlights to pass the yellowing stage.

STEP 3: After processing, shampoo.

STEP 4: On towel-dried hair, apply Goldwell Dualsenses Color Structure Equalizing Spray and overlay 5N Goldwell Colorance on the darker underneath hair to achieve a rich brown utilizing the existing red hues.

STEP 5: Apply 10 SILVER in Goldwell Colorance Express Toning to cool the blonde for a Nordic feel.

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