It’s super-chic and versatile enough to be able to style it in waves, curls or simply straight. The lob or long bob, is a celebrity favorite seen on those like Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Katy Perry, January Jones, Kate Mara just to name a few. 

Unlike traditional bobs, which are cut at jaw-level or above, this long bob isn’t quite shoulder length but drops a little below. It’s between a short and medium length hair cut and it’s long enough to be styled in an upstyle, bun or ponytail. Also, it doesn’t take forever to style with a blow dryer. It’s an easy-to-maintain hairstyle for those clients who want to transition from long hair to short OR for those who are looking for a longer (hair) commitment.

CLIENT TYPE: The lob is especially beneficial for those with fine or thinning hair. Try cutting their hair with a blunt edge if you want to make it appear thicker. If your client has thicker hair, opt for wispier ends.

STYLING IDEAS: Need other lob styling ideas? Try switching up the part. This style is versatile enough to be styled with a side part, down the middle with bangs and more.

TYPES OF CUTS: The lob can be crafted into a blunt haircut, one with short layers or you can make it look as extreme as possible, like this one below hairstylist Raven Camacho (@soraverly) at Red Stella Salon in Austin posted on MODERN’s Facebook recently. We fell in love at first sight! Try this extreme lob on your clients this fall/winter ’14.

Extreme Long Bob How-to & 3 “Lob” Tips

Extreme Long Bob How-to & 3 “Lob” Tips


STEP 1: Start by sectioning off hair from occipital bone to just below the ears.

STEP 2: Tilt the head slightly forward, using the small teeth of the comb to create tension in the hair, flatten the hair down onto the neck, using your shears as an aid to stick the hair to the skin. Then cut a curved line.

STEP 3: Repeat on opposite side. Continue to take sections up the head reflecting the initial shape.

STEP 4: Continue into the center panel, over directing all the hair to highest point of parting and cut a straight blunt line.

STEP 5: Next take a horseshoe section from the flat back of the head, to the temples. Starting in the center back, take 1-2" pie shaped sections, over directing to middle of section, and cut at 90 degrees.

STEP 6: Work your way to the sides of the head, still over directing, slightly gliding your hand out as you cut from short to long. Repeat on opposite side.

STEP 7: Moving to the temple section over the ears, be very mindful of the tension. Over-direct the side sections slightly backwards, creating a shorter to longer line.

(In this case, my client's hair is extremely long in the front, so by using a razor, for this, I was able to free hand the connection from the short neckline to the longest point around face.

STEP 8: Once you reach your desired length, sub divide the parallel sections diagonally to create smaller and more controllable sections allowing you to be very specific with balance and weight control.

STEP 9: To add more texture and volume, take a diamond shaped parting on top of the head, deep-point cut creating shattered layers.

STEP 10: Using a razor, take small horizontal sections all over the head, carving out "curtain layers' for looseness and movement.

The curled version! See below!


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