Hairdreams: Changing the Way Hairdressers Talk About Extensions

 Hairdreams hair extensions provide stylists with products that solve a myriad of problems for their clients and answer many needs.  Recently, the team at Hairdreams agreed that the term "hair extension" didn't accurately reflect all that their products could offer in terms of styling options and that a new term--hair creations--would better describe the potential inherent in their products, while also encouraging hairdressers to create and innovate.  Hairdreams National New Accounts Director Dorian Thomas explains the thinking behind this move:

•           What prompted a change in terminology?

"Hairdreams Art of Hair Creations refers to the myriad of hair styling possibilities associated with Hairdreams systems and most notably, the new Laserbeamer Nano." says Thomas. "The absolutely natural look and the undetectable feel of the Nano bonds are a real ′quantum leap’ in the world of hair extensions. This has nothing to do with the traditional extensions that were used in the past and that unfortunately can still be found today in the lower end segment. The new “NANO-Hair Creation Service“ raises the bar over conventional Hair Extension Services and the negative connotations that many stylists and consumers have with it, allowing stylists to attract new potential clients."

•           And, if the change came about because of the sometimes negative perception of hair extensions, why do you think a negative perception developed in consumer’s minds?  

"There is a negative connotation when hair extensions are referred to by stylists in a salon or even in the industry as a whole.  The results of using conventional, cheap, low quality hair extensions have garnered numerous negative press stories including features of excessively damaging hair to creating huge, visible bald spots.  We feel that there needs to be more education as a whole about hair extensions amongst both hairdressers and consumers.  By referring to the Hairdreams brand as “Hair Creations” and focusing on the revolutionary new Laserbeamer Nano system, we feel that it will shed a new light to this industry by elevating the perception of lengthening and volumizing hair systems created by a premium quality brand such as Hairdreams."

•           And in hairdresser’s?

"Hairdreams continues to focus on education for hairdressers, so they continue to provide the outmost highest quality in application and provide detailed at-home maintenance for their clients. "

•           How are you getting hairdressers to use your language?

"For more than 20 years, Hairdreams has led the industry with unparalleled hair quality and innovations.  Through extensive training, education, marketing and public relations, Hairdreams will continue to emphasize Hairdreams as the Art of Hair Creations."

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