Blurred lines are everywhere—from makeup and fashion, to photography and that song that’s been stuck in your head since last summer. According to the trendsetters at Redken, it’s also a haircolor technique that will continue to be hot even through 2015. Color melting allows for complete customization and total creativity and artistry.

The Blur Technique, created by Redken Ambassador Tracey Cunningham and perfected on her high-profile celebrity clientele, is designed to allow the colorist to create a blended shading effect. “The emotion is lost when the lines are next to each other and uniform,” says Justin Isaac, Redken colorist and educator who demonstrates the Blur Technique in this MODERN photoshoot. “You can be as creative as you want with this technique. You can whisper, talk or shout depending on the colors you use.”

Isaac’s secret to blurring multi-tonal results is the Redken Blur Brush, developed specifically to distribute formulas evenly to create a gentle transition from one shade to the next. “The bristles are a fine synthetic, pliable with lots of give,” he says. “Chemicals will not ruin the brush and it washes out like a standard color brush. You can use lighteners and it will not disintegrate.” According to Isaac, it is the brush that saves time and allows the color to blend easily. “You can be as creative as you want,” adds Isaac. “The colorist can create something hard or soft and wearable.”

The actual process is quite simple, Issac says. The blur technique begins with the application of one shade to the top third of the section, and a second shade to the bottom third. The brush is then used to blend the top color down and the bottom shade up so the shades meet and blur in the center, creating a third tone. “This is where the artist can get creative,” he says “Maybe place one shade on one side of the section and a different shade on the far side. Use the brush to blur in between. There is so much you can do.”

Check out these 2 videos to get an overview from Isaac during the shoot, including the first one where you actually see him "blur" the shades. It's so spot on.


Hair: Justin Isaac, Isabella Vazquez, Suzanne Sturm
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich for
Fashion styling: Rod Novoa, assisted by Dennis Pinto


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