Stylist Surprises Young Cancer Patient

Multicultural stylist and wigmaker Darnell Wold made a family cry when he sent them a handcrafted wig for their young daughter Apryl undergoing chemotherapy treatment. He included some Hello Kitty items as well, but it was the special wig that had Apryl’s family in tears. The girl’s mother, Barbie Ypupo Padilla, had sent Wold photos of Apryl before her cancer diagnosis, which helped him design her new hair.


“I want to thank a magnificent master hairstylist Darnell Wold for making this beautiful wig for my daughter!” Padilla wrote on Facebook. “He made it perfect. I didn’t remember how my daughter looked with hair, but when she put on that wig I remembered! You cannot even possibly imagine how happy this made me feel. She looks so beautiful! And how happy it made her feel! Thank you sooo much! You’re wonderful and the best at what you do!”


See the video of Apryl's family receiving the gift, and you can read more about Darnell Wold on the Confessions of a Hairstylist blog of Healthy Hairdresser Jenny Strebe.

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