6 Ways to be a World-Class Salon Service-Provider
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MODERN SALON recently listened to Masters, a monthly audio program featuring interviews, success secrets and business building presentations by some of the best leaders in and out of the beauty industry.

Here, we would like to highlight an interview with Frank Gambuzza (a beauty industry veteran of more than 40 years and owner of Salon Visage) conducted by motivational speaker and author of Be Nice or Else! Winn Claybaugh. In the Masters audio CD, "10 Disciplines of a World-Class Service Provider" Gambuzza shares his industry experiences and secrets for success. Below, we provide you with six out of the 10 secrets to success that Gambuzza discusses. To hear the others, visit www.mastersaudioclub.com.

Enjoy the Journey: "We are always trying to get there. I think we waste a lot of time chasing the dream instead of stopping to smell the coffee. Once you realize there is no there, you are able to enjoy the moment better. Remember that day by day you are constantly improving.

Strengthen Your Weaknesses: Lots of people know how to identify their strengths. In many situations, people continue to strengthen their strengths and then forget about their weaknesses. You can’t be a world-class anything if you have weaknesses. I think this industry has allowed mediocrity to be accepted. If we want to be world-class we have to figure out how to diminish our weaknesses.

Learn Your Craft: Understand how to say "please and thank you," know how to shake hands with someone and look them in the eye. Thank your clients for their business and understand body language. Clients don’t always remember what they looked like when they left the salon, but they will remember how they felt. Understand that you are there to serve. Take care of people at a level where they don’t want anyone else to do their hair.

What do You do With Your Other 8 Hours: Look at your day in thirds. A third we are working... a third we are sleeping...what are you doing with the other third? What do you do with the rest of that time? What are you becoming during that time? It’s easy to be a couch potato. If you want to be world-class, it would be best if you are practicing during that time. We need to push excellence.

Don’t Drive Their BMW to Work: No complaining! I don’t know any winners who complain. Don’t be a spoon “stirring it up” in the breakroom.

Win the Day: I think a year of goals is far too long to be thinking ahead. Instead of planning a year ahead, quarter or a month, take it day-by-day. If you win the day, you will win the week. Then you will win the quarter and then the year.

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