Anti-Slouch “Up Shirt” Helps Posture

Maintaining good posture is a constant challenge for hairdressers and other salon pros. When bending over a shampoo bowl, delivering a massage or concentrating on cutting hair, it’s hard to remember to throw your shoulders back. Now there’s a “tool” to help you. The Up Shirt is a patented t-shirt aimed at helping people keep their posture intact without having to think about it constantly.


The shirt was developed by Neda Naef, who was a lawyer struggling with maintaining attractive posture while working long hours at a computer. Now CEO of UpCouture, which manufacturers the shirt, Naef wanted to create a shirt that not only encouraged good posture but also was fashionable.


The Up Shirt works with pressure from extra-thin elastic film, inserted between organic cotton layers, that redirect the wearer’s shoulders into proper position when the shoulders begin to slouch or lose alignment. As the posture improves, the Up Shirt becomes more comfortable. The t-shirt is available in a variety of styles and colors for both men and women; the 92% organic cotton composition provides a soft, flexible fit.


While the shirt may help to reduce back, neck and shoulder pain, it’s intended to simply help you look your best. “Rather than focusing on what are valid medical and health benefits of good posture,” Naef explains, “our goal is to offer beautiful, fashion-forward garments that not only foster a feeling of wellness the entire length of time they’re worn, but also enhance the wearer’s presence, presentation and manner.” 

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