This creative take on the fishtail braid comes from Jenny Strebe, educator and hair blogger of Confessions of a Hairstylist. Here she gives us her steps to create the look: 


1. Pull the hair to desired side and secure a loose elastic band. 


2. Split the hair in the middle creating two sections like you would for the normal fishtail braid.


3. I like to work right to left, so on your right side section take a ¼ inch section – only you don't cross over this section, you want to split it in half, take the sections and one goes under and the other goes over. Now that split section is on your left side.


4. Now you want to work the left side the same way. Take a small ¼ inch section of hair and split it in half one goes over and one goes under the section to your right.


5. You want to keep repeating this technique until you have 2-3 inches of hair left.


6. Then, you gently pull the bottom sections out only, this will create the illusion that the fishtail is on top of a large fishtail braid. 


7. Hair spray to finish.



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