Joseph Cuozzo (@zionthehairsalon), co-owner of Zion the Hair Salon, Madison NJ and Cuozzo Studio for Hair, Oranjestad, Aruba created a breathtaking collection called the "Frozen Series". When we saw this color design on instagram we just had to know more.

"To create this 'Ice Blonde' from our 'Frozen Series', apply the color in two appointments, seven weeks apart," says Cuozzo. "The key to getting that ice blonde, while maintaining the integrity of the hair, is discussing a time frame with the client that is realistic. I told this client that we could get her to this color, but it would be over the course of two to three appointments over one to two months." After the first process, Cuozzo got close, and then stopped.  seven weeks later with the same formula, he just adjusted the processing time on the midlengths and ends.

"This was also the first client i used Olaplex on. I would not have put lightener on the midlengths and end had I not had Olaplex," he adds. "And, despite the amazing reviews and results, you still need to use caution. We did an elasticity test through the process and sure enough, Olaplex did exactly what It should. It  allowed me to push the envelope without compromising the integrity of my client's hair.”

Here Cuozzo shares the HOW TO for this look:


Natural/Starting Level: 7 at the new growth, midelengths and ends were a Level 6 gold from a previous honey blonde

Formula A (new growth, midlengths and ends):  Wella Blondor Cream Lightener  1.9 or 6% on midlengths and ends + Wella Blondor Cream Lightener + 20-volume developer on new growth 
Formula B (retouch): Wella Blondor Cream Lightener + 30-volume developer  on new growth + 1/4 oz. Olaplex. Wella Blondor Powder Lightener + 1.9 +1/4 oz. Olaplex on midlengths and ends.
Formula C (glaze): Wella ILLUMINA 1 part 9/60 to 3 parts 10/ + Triple Wella Pastel Developer

Step 1: Apply formula A to the midlengths and ends first. 

Step 2: Then apply formula A to the new growth. After shampooing, rinse the hair and apply formula C.

Step 3: When the client comes in for a retouch, apply formula B to the new growth first using 30-volume developer and 1/4 oz. Olaplex.  

Step 4: Process the color for 45 minutes at room temperature. During the last 10 minutes, apply Wella Blondor Cream Lightener 1.9% to midlengths and ends, adding 1/4 oz. Olaplex. 

Step 5: Rinse and apply formula C for 15 minutes at room temperature, rinse again and follow Olaplex manufacturers instructions. 


Adds Cuozzo, "I have a short video of this model before her retouch. It was a response to those that said this correction/look could not be achieved without destroying the hair or causing breakage. So not true!"









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