After haircuts and treatments, hairstylists always blowdry and style a client’s hair to perfection so that the client sees the full effect of the new look and steps out the salon door looking fashionable. Why then, after facials, microdermabrasion, waxing, and other beauty treatments, are clients allowed to leave the salon makeup-less, looking like a ‘before’ photo?

Brooklyn-based salon operator and makeup artist Yelena Kalendareva recognized that conventional cosmetic products should not be applied to treated areas, but remained unsatisfied sending clients off without ensuring that they looked and felt their best. So, as any determined salon operator would, she created her own line of natural makeup products.

All Aneley Cosmetics Natural Line products contain no chemicals, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, or dyes. Their special packaging is engineered to be non-reactive, to avoid the possibility of toxins from the packaging being absorbed by the contents, or packaging ingredients spoiling the product. We are also a cruelty free company, approved by PETA.

The pharmaceutical-grade minerals and organic ingredients in the line’s products can be safely applied after the types of procedures where normal makeup and even soap must be avoided due to irritation or a possibility of an infection. The products are also useful for problem situations, such as scars, and are so pure and safe they can even be used post plastic surgery, laser treatments, etc. This line can also help with the healing process.

In the salon, Kalendareva can now offer clients a makeup station with an array of items they can use immediately after treatments, so they can step out on the street as walking advertisements for beautiful results. Salons are invited to offer their clients the same advantages, and to purchase these superior products wholesale to increase profits and customer loyalty.

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