Takashi at work on stage with Paul Mitchell.
Takashi at work on stage with Paul Mitchell.

“I don’t like to see the ugly blunt line.”  This is Takashi Kitamura  (@takashikitamura_) talking, one of the inspiring creative artists of the Paul Mitchell team of hairdressers and creatives.  His method of dry cutting is something more commonly taught and practiced in his native Japan.  

“With dry cutting, I can see the way the hair wants to fall and as I move along, I can adjust the order and the lengths but with a wet hair cut, I can’t see everything,” says Takashi. “If you have a cloth t-shirt and you put it in water, getting it really wet, then you no longer see the shape of the t-shirt. But once we put the t-shirt on you we can take the sides shorter, make the adjustments. Anybody can do dry cutting as long as you can see what you’re looking for.”

He doesn’t like the ‘slash’ of a blunt line and he does like a return to more natural finishes.

“People are abusing their hair with hot tools but I think hair can be a little more natural. I like texture. I wish we could do perms in a different way so that you could do perm and color together but that often damages the hair.”

And what does this artist consider before approaching a head of hair?  “Will it be suitable.  I love to make things funky but it is most important that it be healthy, beautiful wearable hair.”


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