TRANSFORMATION: Metallic Color Melt


One of MODERN's favorite artists, Rebecca Taylor (@vividartistichairdesign) created this "Metallic Color Melt" that caught our eye on instagram. 

Here she offers the how to:

Step 1: Install 20' tape-in extensions (done a few weeks previously). "She was about a level 9 (with extensions) and had a 2 inch level 4 regrowth."
Step 2: Apply Wella Color Touch 4/0 on zone 1, blending into zone 2
Step 3: Color melt/smudge into Kenra 8SM and Pravana silver along the mids and ends.
Step 4: Processing can be longer than usual. Says Taylor:  "There was no need to be concerned with over processing due to Wella Color Touch being a no-lift acidic demi (with 1.9 vol developer) and the silver formulas being similar and/or direct dyes (the Pravana). Honestly, because the extension hair type tends to be more porous....I feel like the longer you process deposit only color, the better saturation and longevity."

Make up by Jessica Bosley (@houseofbosley)


before extensions

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