Seen at the premiere of the Showtime comedy, Shameless, Emmy Rossum wore a modern gray gown composed of soft leather panels, black pumps and sassy red lips. The gorgeous brunette’s hair was styled by Macadamia Professional’s International Creative Director, Giannandrea, in what he calls “the perfect sexy blowout.”

STEP 1: Starting with wet hair, apply a large amount of Macadamia Professional's Foaming Volumizing Mousse throughout the whole length of the hair and roots.

STEP 2: After rough-drying the hair upside down to maximize volume, apply a small amount of Blow Dry Lotion to large sections, staring from the top of the head and working down.

STEP 3: Round brush dry hair with a medium-sized boar bristle brush in sections. Pin the sections with a clip to hold the volume, while moving on to the next section.

STEP 4: After the hair is completely dry, take the pins down and brush through the hair with a paddle brush.

STEP 5: Create a middle part. Then use a curling iron and in large sections softly wave the hair, leaving the ends straight.

STEP 6: Spray each section with Control Spray.

STEP 7: Finish by breaking up the texture with your hands.

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