(Left) Emma Stone and (Right) Tatiana Maslany (photo credit: Getty Images) Getty Images
(Left) Emma Stone and (Right) Tatiana Maslany (photo credit: Getty Images)Getty Images

Sleek ponytails have become a red carpet favorite, and this year’s SAG Awards were no exception. Though this look appears simple at first, the attention to details such as asymmetrical designs, deep side parts, and polished finishes makes these otherwise ordinary ponytails striking. Emma Stone and Tatiana Maslany both demonstrated that this style can give an elegant edge to any look. Here are the steps to create each of these actresses’ takes on the sleek pony.


Tatiana Maslany

Styled by: Rod Ortega, celebrity stylist, Solo Artists

The Look: Fresh, young, asymmetrical ponytail

Tools used: T3 Evolution LongLife Dryer, T3 SinglePass X 1.5-inch Flat Iron, T3 Paddle Brush

STEP 1: Beginning with damp hair, use the T3 Evolution LongLife Dryer and the T3 Paddle Brush to smoothly dry the hair.

STEP 2: Once dry, use the T3 SinglePass X 1.5-inch Wide Flat Iron to straighten the hair.

STEP 3: Next, section the top/front of the hair from the crown of the head (temple to temple) and set that hair aside in hair clip on top of head. (See photo 1)

STEP 4: Leaving the sidepieces out, gather the rest of the hair at the nape of the neck and secure it in a small clear elastic.

STEP 5: Taking half of the left sidepiece, flip and brush the hair over to the opposite side and secure with a clear elastic. (See photo 2)

STEP 6: Next, take the front clipped section, brush it over to the left/opposite side and secure with a clear elastic. (See photo 3)

STEP 7: Then take the side sections secured in the clear elastics and marry them to the loose sidepieces hanging on the sides of the head. (See photo 4)

STEP 8: To gather all of the pieces, take each sidepiece and twist them into the existing low ponytail, securing with elastic. (See photo 5)

STEP 9: To finish the look, use finishing spray. (See photo 6)



Emma Stone

Styled by: Mara Roszak, L’Oreal Paris Celebrity Stylist

Tips to recreate from: Jenny Balding, Cutler/Redken stylist

The Look: Simple, sleek ponytail

Product used: Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist

STEP 1: Blowdry hair very smooth and straight and then use a straightening iron throughout to give the ultimate sleek finish.

STEP 2: Sweep into a low ponytail at the nape. The attention to detail with the part and the sleek finish really transforms a simple ponytail into a chic style.

STEP 3: Finish by misting Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist all over to create the ultimate shine.

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