Take the "Body Position" Challenge! Presented by Healthy Hairdresser and the New Learn Aveda...

Aveda recently made a commitment to developing and advancing hairstyling talent with Learn Aveda, an exciting new cut and style curriculum centered around two revolutionary hair styling concepts: intention and wellness.

The curriculum which just rolled out to Aveda Institutes is captured in “pause and practice” videos that draw upon the holistic teachings of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation to instruct beginning to advanced stylists on how to work with conscious intention. The goal is to give stylists the ability to visualize a cut from beginning-to-end and to demonstrate how to consistently work with confidence and purpose through precise body positioning, fluidity of movement and being present in the moment.

Body position refers to how you are using your upper and lower body when cutting hair as well as how you move around the guests head. Knowing how to use the correct hand and body positions puts you in the best place to execute techniques properly and create shape more accurately. The correct body positions will also help minimize or prevent stress on your body and help you have a longer career.

As a sponsor of MODERN SALON's 2015 Healthy Hairdresser initiative, Aveda is proud to present the February 2015 "Healthy Hairdresser Challenge!" Go to modernsalon.com/healthy throughout the month of February to participate.

For the February Healthy Hairdresser Challenge, Aveda encourages you to submit a short story on how you changed a body position or incorporated a new body position into your daily work activities and avoided a potential injury for a chance to win an Aveda Stress Fix body care gift basket.

To get inspired, watch the Learn Aveda Teaser video below.

Please also visit www.learnaveda.com to sign up for a complimentary 7-day trial of the Learn Aveda.

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