“Some clients want to come back sooner than necessary, but you have to be really mindful of...
“Some clients want to come back sooner than necessary, but you have to be really mindful of protecting their hair from too much heat and of not running through to the ends.” –Alfredo Lewis

Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Treatments

Format: A demonstration and presentation in a classroom setting.

Awarded:  Certificate of completion that allows them to take the next step, an online class, towards certification.

Duration: 9:00am to 12:00pm, approximately.

Cost: Free

Student to teacher ratio: One instructor and one Brazilian Blowout representative addressed the group and answered questions.

Bring with you: Note taking materials.  There is also opportunity to purchase product following the class.

Skill level recommended: Beginner to Advanced

The smoothing revolution has been underway for years and the majority of salons offer some version of a texture taming treatment.  These have evolved beyond a stick straight finish to include those systems that will reduce frizz while leaving body and technologies that deposit a protective protein layer on the hair. One of the most popular in the category are the Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Treatments and to keep up with stylist demand, they offer free education events around the country to licensed stylists interested in offering their services. 

At a class in Commerce, CA, Brazilian Blowout educator Alfredo Lewis demonstrated the procedure on a volunteer. As he talked and walked through the steps of the treatment (they can be broken down into 10 steps, from shampoo prep to final blow dry), he also shared how he started offering the service and what it has meant for his career.

“I was a color specialist when Brazilian Blowout came out,” says Lewis. “Today, I get more referrals from my Brazilian Blowout clients than from anyone else in my chair.  People want to talk about this process, they want to talk it up and share it with their friends because it is so life-changing.”

To introduce the complete 90 minutes service to a client, Lewis discussed the Brazilian Blowout Professional Split End Repairing Treatment that he calls a gateway to a Brazilian Blowout. “It can be performed in 10 minutes and it gives them a taste of what it would be like to have their full head, root to tip, treated,” says Lewis. “It can be applied just to ends of hair or to bangs or just the nape to seal and protect for up to four weeks. Our clients don’t want us to raise our prices but this is a way to raise your prices and to be giving them something, too. It can add up to $25 to a ticket.”

According to the presentation, one liter of the Brazilian Blowout solution will be enough for 30 applications and, with an average cost of $274 a treatment, that liter can create upwards of $48,000 in profit.  Clients should be rebooked every 12 weeks

BB Basics

”These services eliminate frizz, add shine, lock in color, reduce styling time and require zero down time;  once it is rinsed out, clients can go in the water, work out, put their hair up,” says Lewis. “You can do color the same day as long as you do the color first.  If you want to do color after, you have to wait two weeks.”

Every service begins with a thorough consultation. “You must understand client expectations, lifestyle and learn about any previous chemical services so you really know what’s going with that hair. You also have to make clear this is not a relaxer or straightener.”

  • Prep with BB Anti Residue Shampoo and wash a minimum of two times.  Towel dry.
  • Always shake the bottle, wear glasses (stylist and client), and wear gloves up until the rinse.
  • Lightly dust the BB solution to the root, not the scalp, and comb it through. “Less is more.” 
  • Keep hair damp and mist it during application, if necessary.  Comb product through.  
  • Blow dry two inches away from the hair on medium heat using a paddle brush or the BB Boar Bristle brush with wood core.  *Never set under the dryer or use metal brushes,” says “Metal brushes or putting the nozzle to the hair will burn off product. And use as much tension as possible to get the hair really smooth.“
  • Flat iron on medium (380F) heat and pass over each section (one quarter inch) at least four or five times, using less passes and tension on the ends. The solution has a polymer system which is activated by the heat of the iron and ‘glues’ the protein layer to the hair. 
  • Rinse after flat ironing until the water runs clear.
  • Apply Acai Deep Conditioning Masque and rinse out. It restores all the porosity to the hair.

BB Next Steps

The education doesn’t end when the stylist walks out of the class. Brazilian Blowout has on-going direction for registered stylists on business building and once they have completed their certification, they may participate in a Salon Loyalty and Master Certified Stylist priority listing on their salon locator. They also support them with marketing tools and materials and social media. To see a list of upcoming classes, visit: http://www.brazilianblowout.com/educational-events.aspx




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