Jane Caris (President), Kathy McCall and Harlan Kirschner (CEO)
Jane Caris (President), Kathy McCall and Harlan Kirschner (CEO)

The Kirschner Group, Inc., a worldwide, sales and merchandising organization, representing manufacturers in the professional hair, skin and nail industry, hosted and exhibited at the 2015 Western Buying Conference in Las Vegas, January 18-20.  Over 30 Kirschner Group Inc, sales executives in attendance held many appointments during the event. Prior to the show, The Kirschner Group, Inc. held two days of manufacturer sales meetings and celebrated the success of their team.

Kathy McCall was named the The Kirschner Group, Inc. Sales Executive of the Year for 2014. McCall is a member of the Kirschner Group, Inc. Western Region Sales Team. She received the coveted “A World of Difference Award."

 “In addition to having an outstanding sales increase in 2014, Kathy worked hard to strengthen both her professional, skills and service to her customers," Jane Caris, President of the Kirschner Group, Inc. says. "We are very proud of her exceptional performance.”

In addition,  Sparks awarded Todd Smith with the “Top Sales Performer Award” and also acknowledged Mike Cevetillo, Gail Hanrahan, Alan Aronson, and Vinnie Curcio with top sales performance recognition.



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