Alix Maya Clymer (@thereal_omgiloveyourhair), an artist at Shear Image Salon, Woodbridge, VA, has been a stylist "since I could sneak scissors and paint to play salon with my dolls," she says. However, it was after becoming a LICENSED hairdresser that made the difference. "After taking a 'Creative Colour' Class by J Beverly Hills taught by Kristan Frei, my life was forever changed. She spoke to my Artist Soul. I clearly understood how to finally put my skill set as a painter into my work as a colorist. We have been drilled into thinking color does not lift color, when indeed it can and does when you think outside of the box and do the math!"

When MODERN found this transformation on Instagram we had to know more. "I'm calling this technique Organic Mathematics. 'OM' uses the existing level of hair color as its base number adding or subtracting with level of hair color and level of peroxide to create your desired color regardless of previous use of ammonia and direct dye hair color. Lift with no bleach, manipulate  color to create seamless banding like a child's hair after a sun-drenched summer of surfing her little bohemian heart out. "OM' allows you the freedom from a formula, the breathing room to create movement as never seen before by using your knowledge and understanding of color coupled with your unique individual artistic style."

Clymer is founder of THE UNICORN TRIBE (see note below), "a collective of like minded artists ranging from colorists, cutters, barbers, graffiti artists, painters, dancers, spoken word artists who are coming together to usher in a new way of being in the ARTS. The collective is comprised of an extraordinarily talented and communicative group of artists, willing and ready to teach my new methods and their own to the world. We combine our efforts to further benefit other artists by supporting each other and creating together. Together with the Elders @hairitagesaloncarlsbad, @cynthialumzy, @gotmilkyway84, @ms_wonderland and @ilikeprettyhair, I have created a space of learning and supporting the artists of our industry. The methods that are produced by myself and the members of my beloved tribe may not be for everyone but they are here and ready for you to use them if you wish! We are a group and I am an artist that encourages sharing and learning together as a collective."

The "Organic Mathematics" technique was applied to Clymer's daughter who requested "ICY RAINBOW" colored hair after receiving a FANTASTIC report card.


Here Clymer offers the HOW TO:


Step 1: Using J Beverly Hills Colour start at roots using 7.22 with 10 volume developer. Blend down in diagonal slices within each slice from that starting level to 8.2 with 20 volume, 9.0 with 20volume, 10.0 with 30 volume, 11.2 with 30 volume, 12.222 with 40 volume. "This was done on her natural color level 7 ranging as she is a child to a 10 on her ends, no bleach and no previous color. This is J Beverly Hills blue series and one of my most used colors for creating my 'COOL' blondes! This left her with a silver hue to her hair and it is stunning going into the next part of this creation."

Step 2: Rinse and dry hair (no shampoo no conditioner used).

Step 3: Apply Manic Panic Direct Dye Colors in Voodoo Blue, Ultra Violet, Pretty Flamingo, Hot Hot Pink and "my favorite accent color" by Pravana Neon Yellow in the same "OM" technique.

Step 4: Continue with diagonal parts on both sides of her head in the front over the ears, mohawk top fringe, circle the crown and then part in two down the center underneath the crown. Take diagonal sections, skip one after each blending slice has been applied and as you move upwards you drop a color. 

Step 5: Back of head starting from the root: Voodoo Blue, Ultra Violet, Hot Hot Pink, Pretty Flamingo and Neon Yellow once you get to the bottom circle part of the crown section you drop a color meaning your slices start as such: Ultra Violet, Hot Hot Pink, Pretty Flamingo and Neon Yellow and again as you come to the second half of the crown circle part you drop another color meaning you start at Hot Hot Pink, Pretty Flamingo and Neon Yellow until you are left with the front as you will do the same except in the fringe mohawk.

Step 6: Diagonal slice the fringe mohawk section towards the preferred part and add each color at your discretion mimicking the same pattern as the rest of the head. 

Step 7: Let the direct dye work its magic for an hour and a half, then rinse with warm to cool temperature water. Condition, blowdry and style!


"This color creation fade into a beautiful pastel. Enjoy the show of color!"



before color in foils



The finished result with wave. The finished result straight.

A colorful updo.  A colorful braid!


An updo braided finish. Congrats on a great report card!



NOTES FROM CLYMER ON THE FOUNDING OF THE UNICORN TRIBE: "My clients really started the idea in my head, noticing my versatility as an artist ( having shared my canvas art with them) they would mention that they could see me creating a space for artists like I described earlier but not in such detail. I RAN with it!!!! Brilliant, not only did they start CALLING THEMSELVES The Unicorn Tribe but kept coming up with really cool ideas for future events and WAYS to collaborate with other artists. Coupled with the fact I LOVE UNICORNS AND MERMAIDS, plus my passion for Fashion Colour infused with the "OM" method the Unicorn Tribe was born.... they are first my band of clients ( I like to call them GUESTS) but they named themselves, they are my foundation, my creative willing canvases and my number one supporters! I thank them every time they sit in my chair for their support, love and counsel.... I would be nothing with out my Unicorn Tribe, they are the reason I am now in the scope of Modern Salon and I will never fall short of remembering how, why and who put me here today! My Tribe is my soul."


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