Valentine's Service and Décor Tips from Sola Salon Studios

It doesn’t take much to show your love for someone, including your clients. Take the time to make them feel special and you will be their stylist sweetheart 4-ever.

Sola Salon Suites shares great tips on their blogs for independent stylists – from taxes, to insurance, to decorating your space. Check out these heart-warming service and décor suggestions below:

1. Be Mine (Know Your Audience)

This might be the single most important marketing rule to remember: Know your clientele and design a promotion that caters to their specific needs. If you have female clients with daughters, offer a Be Mine mother-daughter deal. Highlight that Valentine’s Day is a time to show ALL the people in your life how much you love them, so now’s the perfect time for mother-daughter quality time. If your clients young and single, offer discounted services that focus on pampering numero uno. Whatever you decide to do, make this holiday marketing about the client.

2. Just Wanted to Say, “I Love You.” (Nurture Relationships)

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell your clients how much you appreciate their loyalty. Offer a free service upgrade during the month of February – deep conditioning treatment or 5-minute back rub anyone? Or consider distributing product samples tied together with a red ribbon; not only is this a great way to show the love, but it introduces your clients to take-home product that maybe they’ll purchase in the future. To your clients who are not visiting your salon in February, simply send a handwritten valentine to show you care. And who knows, a valentine may act as a simple reminder to book their next appointment!

3. More is Amore (Include a Strong Call to Action)

There are a lot of little ways to inject a dose of Valentine’s spirit into your salon, but if you want a truly successful promotion, offer an incentive for clients to take part. Take a look at your salon menu and pick out some moderately successful services and tailor them to the holiday. Add sparkling wine, roses, or chocolates. Or tack on a free service upgrade. Think about ways to take those services to the next level and make your promotion impossible to pass up.

4. A Perfect Match (Think About Timing)

Timing goes hand-in-hand with a strong call to action. Depending on the type of promotion you’re offering, the timing of the promo matters. If you’re offering a special mini-makeover/get ready for your date promotion just on Valentine’s Day, you’ll need to advertise a couple weeks in advance. Don’t advertise too far in advance, though. You want to have a sense of urgency, and if your event is too far out, it could lose momentum and your clients will forget about it. If you’re sending valentines or special coupons as Valentine’s Day gifts to your clients, send it on Valentine’s Day, give or take a couple of days. If you want to target procrastinators, take the “It’s not too late!” approach, and advertise easy last-minute gifts on Facebook a couple days before Valentine’s Day. (Extra tip: If you are advertising on a Facebook business page, you can pay to “boost” your post, so it’s seen by people outside of your connections. Choose how much you want to spend on promoting, and target your post to a certain age range and gender in your immediate area. Facebook has a specific rule that you’ll need to follow, thought. The photo in a promoted post can only be 20% covered in text, so keep the bulk of the text in the comment portion of the post.)

5. Matters of the Heart (Make It Special)

Valentine’s Day is special. It means dressing up for a date, giving thoughtful and decadent gifts, and showing you care. The same thing should be said for Valentine’s marketing. Pay attention to the details. Make sure your advertising is well designed. If you’re offering day-of services on Valentine’s Day, spruce up your studio to make the experience extra special. Maybe light some candles, or bring in roses to give to each of your clients. Offer refreshments or a special treat, and make sure your Valentine’s Day promotions, special packages, and products are displayed front and center.

In many ways, Valentine’s Day and the salon industry go hand in hand. They’re both intended to make people happy and feel pampered and loved. You don’t need to be cupid to bring the magic of Valentine’s Day to your clients. Just keep these 5 tips in mind, and you’ll be on your way to a successful Valentine’s Day.

10 Valentine’s Day Promotions

Mother/Daughter Packages – Create packages that are aimed at pampering both mothers and daughters, and creating a bonding experience.

Ladies Night – Offer blowouts to a group of girls or teach them how to create the perfect smoky eye. Have sparkling wine and appetizers, and send each women home with a rose and a discount for a future service.

Last Minute Gifts – Procrastination is really common, so cater to the last-minute gift buyers. Prepackage and wrap some products and a gift certificate, and then showcase your gift options on your retail shelves.

Gift Certificate Promo – Buying gifts is hard, which is why gift certificates are always a good idea! Add on a special treat with each gift certificate purchase to sweeten the deal.

Sprinkle in Some Magic – Take a moderately popular service and add some Valentine’s Day flair. Think a box of chocolates branded with your salon name, a bottle of sparkling wine or cider, or a potted succulent (everyone gives roses, why not be different?)

Partner Up – Offer a cross-promotional package with a local photographer for a makeover and mini-photo shoot. Or include a gift certificate to a local boutique, restaurant, or bakery with the purchase of one of your services.

Get Pampered – Offer Valentine’s Day mini-makeovers to help your clients get ready for the big date.

Retail, Retail, Retail – Add Valentine’s Day themed cards and gifts to your retail selection. Also, put giftable items like lip-gloss and nail polish front and center.

Offer Themed Services – Think pink temporary extensions or heart-themed nail art geared at a younger demographic.

Give Him a Hint – Tell your male clients to forget the wine and chocolate and give their leading lady the gift of beauty. They’ll appreciate you looking out for them and their other half will too.

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