Alix Maya Clymer (@thereal_omgiloveyourhair), an artist at Shear Image Salon, Woodbridge, VA, has been a stylist "since I could sneak scissors and paint to play salon with my dolls," she says.

When we saw this transformation, we wanted to know more. "My Guest came in to have a session with me for the first time as a referral and wanted to be brighter, bolder and shaped up. She was feeling heavy in the cut and brassy as far as her colour was concerned. Her previous stylist was heavily highlighting with bleach in foils, using a very cookie cutter pattern." In addition to the color transformation, Clymer reshaped the bulky bob by razoring through the nape then dry cutting the rest of her hair.


Here she shares the HOW TO in her own words: 


1: I mixed J Beverly Hills Colour at an 3/4 8.34 +1/4 8.4 with 10 vl equal parts making it an opaque and absolutely stunningly VIBRANT ( natural starting level 9.34 with level 10 brassy highlights) for her rooted colour.

2: I then mixed up some complimentary colour moving down the scale, 3/4 9.34 + 1/4 9.4 with 2T ( remember when using J Beverly hills Colour with 2T to wait 5 mins before application to create deposit only colour).

3: I mixed my final potion using J Beverly Hills 12.2 with 30 volume.

4: I used my Organic Mathematics method the "OM" to section off. Front front fringe section in two parts, from the back of the ear down diagonally towards the chin sectioned out, circle on the crown split in two and diagonal direction from the back working your way towards the front of the head. and the nape divided in two using diagonal sections once again! If you haven't noticed I ALWAYS use diagonal partings ALWAYS!!! It makes for a much more beautiful blend with dimensional colour movement throughout.

5: I start painting each sliced section at a diagonal angle, using the 8.34 +8.4 bowl moving down to the 9.34+9.4 then to 12.2all in the same slice.

6: I use paper to keep them separate. Process for 30 min then rinse NO shampoo (it takes 48 hours for the dye molecule to adhere to the hair cuticle completely). Condition well, treatment of your choice and rinse.

7: Dry hair using J Beverly Hills 5 in 1 product and Coconut Oil with Kevin Murphy Boar Bristle round brushes.

8: To create the curl texture I used Eufora Elevate Hairspray and a pinch of Eufora Beautifying Elixir (I really love the smell of vanilla and orange and the fact it has healing properties to it). I curl big inch thick undulating open ended BOHO curls all over and tousle!!! 

9: The more exaggerated look is done by pinch he ends of the hair and gliding backwards towards the root, creating loose elegant wild girl texture.




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