Jamie Grill for Getty Images
Jamie Grill for Getty Images

At Healthy Hairdresser, we talk a lot about choosing shoes that treat your feel kindly when you’re standing most of the day. Even when you are wearing supportive shoes, you should swap them out periodically. Shoes don’t last forever! If you need an “excuse” to buy a new pair of shoes for the salon, Footlogix Pediceuticals offers these Top 10 Reasons to Buy New Shoes:

  1. You can’t remember when you bought them, or you can remember but you’ve had a lot of birthdays since then.
  2. You can’t read the brand name on the inside of the shoe or the outside sole.
  3. Your feet ache when you wear them but feel so much better when you take them off.
  4. They lean like the Tower of Pisa when standing alone—or falling over—in your closet.
  5. You wear your work shoes on your days off.
  6. All of your shoes are of the same type. You should have different shoes for different activities.
  7. The shoes offer little or no arch support.
  8. You don’t have shoes that use new, light-weight technology.
  9. Your size has changed. It’s a myth that foot size remains the same once we become adults.  Measure your feet when they are the largest, usually later in the day. Sizes are good guidelines, but ultimately buy what feels right.
  10. There is room in your closet for more shoes!

Rotating footwear makes them last longer and, by varying shoes with different support categories, you can strengthen your arch, improve your gait and reduce fatigue. 

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