National Eating Disorders Awareness Week
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Often, people with eating disorders are slow to recognize, or admit, there’s anything wrong. The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) established the annual NEDAwareness week not only to make the public and the media more aware of the triggers and seriousness of eating disorders, but also to educate the sufferers themselves and encourage them to seek help. 


This year’s NEDAwareness Week is February 22-28, with the theme “I Had No Idea.” This theme is highlighted in a series of statements NEDA has released that illustrate how easy it is to fall into an eating disorder or fail to notice a family member’s eating disorder.


I Had No Idea that:

  • The “perfect” images I see every day are digital illusions.
  • My passion had become a problem.
  • Bullying can trigger disordered eating.
  • My quest for health was making me sick.
  • Eating disorders don’t discriminate.
  • Eating disorders are often overlooked or misdiagnosed.
  • Eating disorders aren’t just “a phase.”


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