I have class coming up in just about a month at the brand new Goldwell KMS California Academy in NYC and later this year at the Santa Monica Academy called The Digital Director 101 and 102. What I love about this class is, NOW is the time for social media in our industry.

It seems that even last year, as late as 2014, there were still large groups of salon professionals that were still wondering about social media. Still wondering, “Do I really need a Facebook page?” “Will social media really help my business?” But now it seems everyone "gets" that social media works, but people are still wondering, "What do I do?" and "How does this work?" This has created a perfect moment for social media, a moment in time when the early majority and late majority say yes, we want VHS over Beta…we want Microsoft Office over every other word processing, spreadsheet and presentation program! This is a time for social media that is like when we decided it was gas we would put in our cars or it was alternating current and not direct current for our home electricity! It is a time for social media that is like when they decided that train tracks were going to be the size of a wagon that a house pulls, and they still are. This is time for social media where we start building up business with social media and not just out with new social media ideas.

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (and more) have radically changed how we operate, do business and even interact on not just a daily basis, but even a moment to moment basis, and it has even created new stars. Heck, YouTubers today are on dancing shows, talk shows, and even the front rows of the hottest fashion runways, some pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars just talking about stuff and sharing things. But for most salon owners and independent stylists, all this social media just seems like a lot of time and not necessarily even the outcome we would want!!! Most salon owners and stylists think they don't need followers, friends or likes, they need clients, they need business. Now is the time that the two thought processes have come together, the YouTubers have realized that they can make money doing this social media thing and need to make a business out of it! And many businesses have now realized they have missed the boat and should have gotten involved in social media earlier and are now worried they don't know what to do! That is where The Digital Director 101 & 102 can help.

The Digital Director 101 breaks down social media and shares everything from who the players are in social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.), what the goals are for each platform, as well as what to do and what not to do so you can set yourself up for success and start building your business and not just spinning your wheels while wasting time and money. With Digital Director 101 you have a plan and know how to adjust as your business grows.

The Digital Director 102 gets your hands dirty, giving you the opportunity to get really hands-on with social media and learn how to capture and create your own content. From working with Apps that create digital experiences that were once science fiction and are now found on makeover TV shows and can be used to create your own videos. The Digital Director 102 shares insight, techniques and understanding on who your brand is, but more than that, The Digital Director 102 shares with you how to create the content people will SHARE so others identify with your brand and grow your business.

The Digital Director 101 and 102 is being offered ONCE ONLY this year at the NEW YORK Academy - March 22-24 and at the Santa Monica Academy - June 28-30.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Goldwell KMS Academies and sharing ideas that connect, build business and help you go viral.

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