David Webber
David Webber

Colin Christopher, colorist at Salon Ziba in New York City, walks us through his signature balayage technique, "ray of sun." Using overlapping triangular panels, Christopher is able to create a soft, subtle glow in the hair and highlight textural accents. The formula used to create this look was L'Oreal Professional Platine Precision with L'Oreal Majicreme Developer, 40 volume

PRO TIP: "I prefer to paint with a two-inch paint brush with natural bristles from any local hardware store," says Christopher. Although these brushes don't last as long (approximately five-10 applications) they give a softer, more natural line of demarcation at the root." 

Hair: Francois Fortin, education director, Salon Ziba

Color: Colin Christopher

Photographer: David Webber 




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