“They are my favorite hairdresser shoes," says Harley Lobasso, a Colorist at Scott & Co., Delray Beach, Florida.  "They are my good luck charms. They are Barbie heads and make me think of mannequins.”

Lobasso wears these shoes on special days in the salon, at special hairdresser events and at photoshoots. “They are tough as a level 3 cuticle," she says with a laugh. "I can stand in them for 8 hours at a stretch.”

The leather ankle boot with Lucite wedge heel caught her eye when she saw them surfing on line.  “I had to have them. I searched and searched and couldn’t find them in any store,” she says.  “I finally found them on a site, but in New Zealand. I contacted the store but they would not send to the US. It was so frustrating.”

Patience worked and eventually Lobasso found them on a site called Ashbury Skys. “They are Jeffrey Campbell Icy Wedge With Barbie Doll Head and cost close to $300." The shoes come in black or white, in suede and with men or women doll heads in the heel. “Right now they only come in blonde, but if/when they are made with brunette dolls, I will be the first to place an order.”

Lobasso, who says her clients “love” them, creates her outfits around the shoes. “I always wear black. I would only wear them with skirts or dresses. The outfit becomes the accessory to the shoe,” she says.

Lobasso’s clients love it when she wears them. When asked if they are comfy, she says “Comfort is not always part of the style equasion!”

The shoes have been restocked and can be found at

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