While Beyoncé can pull off the summer makeup blues in fab fashion, if you’re like us – it’s not gonna be pretty. Bodyography Creative Director Lori Leib has shared her expert tips on how keep your makeup fresh and cool this summer.

Keep It Together

The first step to a fresh makeup look is ensuring that skin is thoroughly moisturized before applying foundation or powder – this will ensure that the makeup will glide onto the skin smoothly and not adhere to any dry patches.

Next, primer is an important step if you plan on keeping a full face of makeup in place all day. Primer will create a barrier between your skincare and makeup, making sure the two keep working well all day long.  Primers also control oil and shine and give your skin an airbrushed look.

Invest in an eye primer if you plan on wearing shadow – this will stop shadow from creasing and will keep your eye look on point all day. Leib suggests using waterproof products to ensure your eye makeup stays put. Try using waterproof mascara and eye liner for smudge free makeup look that lasts. Summertime is a great time to play with color and colored eye pencils are a fun way to create a statement eye.

Now that makeup is in place, how do you make sure it stays that way? “Setting spray is a secret weapon for fresh looking makeup,” says Leib. “Spray it on before and after makeup application and throughout the day for a pick me up.”

Use a finely milled translucent setting powder to absorb excess oil throughout the day. Only reapply once or twice to avoid makeup caking and build up. Stipple the powder down the t-zone for a natural and thin layer of product. “When powdering your face, be sure to push the powder into the skin rather than swiping to keep from moving your makeup around,” says Leib. “Also, don’t powder too much throughout the day. Instead try using blotting papers or setting spray.”

To keep a bold lip from fading layer your products. Start with a lip liner all over the lip, followed by your desired shade of lipstick. Apply two layers and blot, then apply one more layer for all day color. Tinted balms are also a great way to keep the lips from getting dry while offering a pop of color.


When summer heat hits, it’s time to avoid heavy foundations and powders because these products do not stand up well in warm weather. Oily SPF’s and moisturizers are also out – opt for oil free products and creams with a light texture to avoid product build up. Think ‘no’ to heavy, dark products and reach for waterproof when available.

“During summer I love to use cream products, they glide onto the skin beautifully, offer hydration and moisture and give off the beautiful summer glow we all strive to have,” says Leib.

Tinted moisturizers are another good summer option for light summer coverage. “Bodyography Sun Defense Tinted Moisturizer offers mineral SPF protection and gives the perfect amount of coverage,” says Leib. “Not to mention this product is filled with vitamins and antioxidants and even comes with a foundation brush applicator tip.”

Get Your Tan On

“When trying to achieve a natural looking tan with makeup I always suggest a liquid bronzer,” says Leib. “Bodyography Natural Finish Face Bronzer has a gel-like texture that glides effortlessly onto the skin. When blended down the neck it is virtually undetectable and gives the skin a healthy glow. This products can also be mixed into your foundation or tinted moisturizer for a tan and well concealed look. Apply this product with a stippling brush for an even application.”

Summer 2015 Color Trends

Eyes and lips are bold this summer, however Leib recommends choosing one feature to accentuate and keeping minimal coverage on skin. Here are the looks seen on Spring 2015 runways that are sure to be seen out and about in the coming months.

1. “Purple is making a bold statement this summer on the lids and mauve eyes were seen all over the runway,” says Leib. “Achieve this look by choosing a matte lavender shade like ‘Mandeville’ Pure Pigment from Bodyography. Apply this in a wash all over the lid for a modern look.”

2. “Blue is also making a comeback this summer – from baby blue to turquoise, blue is seen in the form of liner, shadow and mascara for summer 2015.”

3. “Red lips are a classic staple this summer, from all shades ranging from berry to orange.”

4. “Baby pink 60’s inspired lips were seen on the runway as well. Invest in a cool toned pink for an on-trend look.”

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