Drew Noreen (@drewjnoreen) of Pucci Salon, Scottsdale, Arizona, posted this gorgeous balayage highlighted caramel finish and we just had to know more.

"Jamie is a regular client of mine who I see about once every three months for a color a cut," says Noreen. "She has about 25% grey and is a natural level 7. She tends to get more light blonde naturally in the summer months so we add in the subtle highlights for a couple of reasons. These highlights help to not only disguise the grey, but will blend in perfectly as her hair gets lighter. Using a balayage technique also ensures that she has easy and worry free maintenance."

Here he shares the HOW TO:

Step 1:
Formula: 1:2 ratio of Wella Blondor Lightener to developer using 40 volume (You want a consistency that's similar to icing) 

Step 2: Using a freehand technique, paint the lightener onto 1/2 incg thick sections. Make sure to saturate the ends and create a 'V' shape. The 'V' will ensure a natural fall and look to the highlights. (I placed mine through the crown where a partial highlight would be.)

Step 3: Process at room temperature for roughly 30 minutes or until desired lift is achieved. 

Step 4: Glaze with Wella KP 10/1+ 9/16 with 15 volume for roughly 10 minutes. 



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