1 Posture “DO” and 4 “DON’TS”

Healthy Hairdresser thanks our friend and health guru Mary Beth Janssen for posting this look at the way we stand. It’s easy to fall into one of these problematic postures, so think about your back and shoulders whenever you’re working, walking or just standing. This image also was posted at The Unique Touch.


“Posture is everything when it comes to health and wellbeing,” Janssen says. “The first thing I teach in every yoga class, whether mat or seated, is proper posture—mountain pose/tadasana. This is about honoring and awakening the spine, which houses your central nervous system, including your brain. It’s about being able to properly breathe and exhale stress. Neutral spine position is integral in this. The tail bone should gently draw toward the earth and your heels, with your shoulders rolled down away from your ears, your head back over your shoulder girdle and your crown reaching for the heavens!”


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