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Kait Marie (@kairmariehair) of Salon Republic in Studio City, CA, posted this ashy blue shade that made our hearts (color) melt. “Transforming people and color corrections are my favorite part of my job,” says Marie. “I love a good challenge, and the rewards of making people feel pretty are endless.”

Here Kait shares the HOW TO for this gorgeous icy blue design:

Step 1: Apply Pravana bleach with 40 volume in root for 40 minutes under steam. 15 minutes into processing, add Pravana bleach with 35 volume plus Olaplex (making it 25 volume) onto the ends.

Step 2: Wash hair twice to remove all bleach. Towel dry then apply Pravana Silk Degrees over the hair and process under heat for 20 minutes. (“This evens out the hair porosity for a more even pastel color.”)

Step 3: Rinse and lightly wash. Dry hair thoroughly, and section into 4 quadrants. Starting at the bottom and working up, place the dark gray at the root, rotating every other 1/2" section with 2 different blues to create dimension:

GRAY Root Formula:  equal parts 1/2 ounce of 1N Pravana with 10 volume developer; 1 oz mix, with 2 ounces of Pravana Clear (“This makes a level 7-ish gray.”)

First BLUE Formula:   2 oz. Pravana Clear with a pea size of Blue and just a tiny tiny bit of Red to eliminate the color once applied from turning a shade of green. (“Often times when blue is put on hair that is a tiny bit yellow it will turn green.”) 

Second BLUE Formula:  2 oz Pravana Clear with “a bit” more Blue “so it was a tad darker than the other blue. I also added a tiny dab of violet, and also a dab of the pastel silver to deepen it.”

Step 4: Process at room temperature (no cap) for 30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo thoroughly with cold water and Pravana Vividx Color Protect shampoo and conditioner.


Work the root first then rotate making approximately 1/2" sections. Make sure to fully saturate and also to blend the gray into the blue. 

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