Pravana artists created custom color (click here for formulation) and style inspired by the laid-back, fun-loving festival vibe that spring and summer usher in. The styles are designed to build upon one another as a three-day festival goes on--no re-wash required! 

We covered style one already, and style two adds to the look with fishtail braids (and a new wardrobe, of course). How-to and video below!

Day 2: Twin Fishtail Braids

STEP 1: Start with Day 1 look.

STEP 2: Add Pravana Nevo Hydra Pearls to the mid-lengths and ends to tame, smooth and add shine to day two hair. Keep the waterfall braids secured.

STEP 3: Separate hair in two. Leave strands out in the front hairline.

STEP 4: Create a fishtail braid on one side:
a. Divide section in two.
b. Pull a small piece from the outer edge of one side and cross over, gathering it into the other side.
c. Repeat this process on the other side.
d. Then, working from side to side, work your way down to the ends of hair.

STEP 5: Repeat fishtail braid on the other section.

STEP 6: Backcomb through the ends to secure.

STEP 7: Sprinkle Nevo Lived-In to the braid and pull braid apart to create texture, hold and volume.

Color: Danny Moon
Style: Kait Marie
Makeup: Karen Sarahi Gonzalez
Model: Francis Lola
Photography: Huck Hinshaw


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