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Alyssa Wiener (@lysseon) of STYLIN' Norwalk, CT, is meeting new clients the old fashioned way - FACEBOOK! "My lovely guest Naded came for a consult about 2 months ago in February after finding my professional facebook page (facebook.com/HairByAlyssaWiener)," says Wiener. "She informed me that she's been coloring her hair herself because no one could achieve what she wanted. There were brassy spots, overprocessed spots, purple spots, and of course a ton of regrowth." Wiener made sure she left herself plenty of time for this correction and asked her client to try to fade some of the color (without damaging) at home prior to the appointment.  "I typically tell my clients to buy Head & Shoulders (the zinc in it helps fade color) and mix vitamin C in with it, then use a nice deep conditioner afterwards. I prefer Scruples Quick Recovery at the moment. Coconut oil works wonders too!"

After 2 months, "Naded's hair was actually nicely faded from her home Pravana Violet."

Wiener shares how she brought Naded to a pretty pewter in about 4 hours:

Mix together three different formulas:

1) Scruples Power Blonde, 40 vol, 1/8th Olaplex

2) Wella Blondor, 30 vol, 1/8th Olaplex, Scruples White Tea Mousse

3) Blondor, 20vol, 1/8th Olaplex, squirt of Scruples Hair Renewal Oil

Step 1: Apply formula 1 (Power Blonde) in trouble spots. "Here I used it for where it was uneven and brassy. It's a bit stronger, while Blondor is a little more forgiving. Target those spots first."

Step 2: Apply formula 2 to root area to allow to catch up to her already light ends.

Step 3: Apply formula 3 to even out the purple at the overprocessed spots. "I'm really thankful for Olaplex here, because there was no breakage or any signs of damage!"

Step 4: Process for 90 minutes. "One thing I have learned through correctives is that you absolutely cannot rush the lightening process."

Step 5: Rinse. Tone roots with Goldwell 10V Colorance ("to kick out any remaining warmth".) Tone the ends with Scruples 10A.

Step 6: Apply Olaplex step 2 for 10 minutes. Shampoo with Scruples Platinum Shine.

Step 7: Apply Tressa Porosity Equalizer and dry 100%.

Step 8: Mix 2 formulas

1) Kenra 7SM 9vol

2) Kenra 8SM 9vol

Step 9: Apply formula 1 at her root area for 10 minutes, then slightly comb down and blur into formula 2 for 10 mintutes. "Though they're similar, this gives it dimension."

Step 10: Process at room temperature for 25 minutes. Wash with Scruples Platinum Shine, and then a quick deep conditioner of 3oz Scruples ER with 1/2oz Joico Titanium. Send her home with Platinum Shine and Blondeshell Conditioner to keep the silver looking it's best.


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