6 Tips to Perfect Layering

"One of the most difficult haircuts to maintain consistency is a layered haircut," says cutting and style master Sam Villa.

"Hairdressers and consumers alike often misunderstand the term ‘layering,’" Villa says. "Layering can create definition, volume, and movement in a shape. It is the creation of variable lengths throughout a haircut whether long, medium, short or various lengths.

"Layered hair, when created on the appropriate texture and type of hair can add volume to target areas, provide a dramatic shape, and can enhance types of textures and natural waves."

6 tips to mastering the perfect layered cut

1. "When layering fine hair, it is what you leave on that matters," Villa says. "That said, guests are paying you for the knowledge of knowing what not to cut. When I have fine hair medium to long length, I like to isolate a zigzag section all the way around the hairline and not cut it. This maintains bulk and weight at the perimeter edge. The zigzag section does not give away the detached perimeter."

2. "A great tip when layering is to always remember to pull away from the area you want to maintain length and weight. We refer to that movement as over-direction."

3. "Most consumers desire volume in the crown area. I have discovered the best way to achieve a frothy type of volume is to detach a zigzag circular section in the crown area. Layer the circular area so it is detached, not blended, to create a frothy type of volume."

4. "Always remember that when layering a fringe area, layers are controlled by cutting the fringe area dry. You can control weight, length and density visually with the hair dry."

5. "Notches or point-cut layering provide a way to layer hair in a more uniform manner with a soft edge."

6. "When cutting wavy hair, properly applied layers will enhance natural wavy textures creating a beautiful cascade of waves in harmony with the overall shape of the hair."



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