Marissa Pence shares how she used the "Platinum Card" on the receptionist at the salon. "Since she is at the front of the salon and works directly with all of our wonderful guests, I wanted to make sure her hair is taken care of and looking good." 

The goal was an icy/cool platinum white blonde. "She had 1.5 inches of natural level 7 hair at her base and 3-4 inches of warm level 7 color on her midshaft from a previous root retouch. There was barely any level 9 highlights on her ends. Her hair was damaged so we had to be careful during this process."


-All color by Paul Mitchell: Dual Purpose Lightner (DPL) and PM Shines.

-Section hair in 4 quadrants.

Step 1: Section the hair into quadrants. Apply DPL to midshaft. Begin with 10 volume building to 15 volume on the midshaft.

Step 2: Apply DPL to base (building from 10 - 15 volume), with foil, in between every four sections. Blend base and midshaft together in this step by feathering to blur line. 

Step 3: Process with a cap for 30 - 45 minutes, lifting to pale yellow on base and yellow on mids.

**After she processed for 30 minutes with a processing cap, I noticed she had a band in the midshaft that was still at a level 8.**

Step 4: To buff out band, apply DPL (with 5 volume developer) to midshaft and to ends. Feather base and midshaft to blur any lines. Process for 15-20 minutes. 

Step 5: "Her hair was looking a little dark on the ends still and I wanted to try to bump it up without damaging it." Rinse, towel dry lightly and run a 15 volume through her ends in the bowl.

Step 6: Rinse and towel dry thoroughly. Tone with PM Shines 9V + 9A + 9BV equal parts with Processing Liquid. Let sit 15 minutes in bowl.

Step 7: Rinse and wash with Paul Mitchell's Platinum Blonde shampoo and condition with Marula Oil Conditioner. 

Step 8: Use Paul Mitchell's Heat Seal and Super Skinny Serum in towel dried hair, blow out and style as desired.

"She had zero damage from any of the lightening, only the damage that was there from the beginning. I know this is a lengthy blonding process but because we took the time to do it right I feel like that is what saved her hair. I think she was gorgeous as a natural blonde but I think she pulls platinum off beautifully! Also I want to give a shoutout to my fellow stylist Kiley King for assisting me in this process!"


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