Aloxxi Artistic Advisor Marilyn Cole introduces a versatile color technique for a flexible lifestyle.

“This technique was created around wanting to deliver the wearable edge that people are craving today,” Cole says. “This show-stopping color technique, called Mainstage, delivers a bold, beautiful yet edgy finish. The burst of color complements the rich base tones in the model’s hair. Ultimately this technique allows clients to explore the fun that can be had with color while keeping it comfortable for their day-to-day lives.”


Natural level 5

Formula 1: 20 g Aloxxi Chroma 4XR + 20 g Chroma 5V with 60 g 10-volume developer

Formula 2: 30 g Dimensions .66 with 30 g 40-volume developer

Formula 3: 30 g Dimensions .26 with 30 g 40-volume developer

1. Apply ColourPrime Pre-Color Treatment. Then create two triangular sections on either side of the left side part, leaving out the front perimeter. Starting in the back section and working forward, apply Formula 1 to all hair not secured in triangular sections.

2. Place back-to-back slices in the side triangle: two of Formula 2, one of Formula 3, then repeat.

3. Place back-to-back slices in the top triangle: two of Formula 3, one of Formula 2, then repeat. Process 30 minutes; rinse thoroughly.

Hair: Marilyn Cole, Erin Nelson and Peggy Wright
Makeup: Noel Nichols
Fashion styling: Lisa Peckham
Photography: Dani Brubaker