Alicia Mclaughlin (@thehairstylish) the Education Director for Calista Grand Salon and Spa in West Chester, Pennsylvania says that working as a hairdresser "Is truly my passion and I would love to spread the love all across the U.S. I work with training the assistants and our level 1-2 stylists.  I can't choose what I am more passionate about, styling, cutting or coloring. They all do different things for me, but to pull the whole look together is my everything."

Well, she got the opportunity to put the whole look together with her new client. "Sam came in with a mess on her hands. She was previously colored a level 5 brown to a level 8 caramel ombré. She went to a salon and they did a number on her hair when she requested an icy blonde. They gave her a level 9 gold root, a level 7 copper midshaft, and level 8 gold to 9 gold ends. She let it grow out for about 6 weeks before she come in to me so she had about a half inch root. We decided that a dropped deeper root would make the color stand out and would give it more of a lived in look so I decided to go in and foil back to back, feathering up towards the root area that was grown out."

Here Mclaughlin shares the how to:

Step 1: Apply to the dropped root and end: Solaris Poudr7 and 1/2 10 volume 1/2 20 volume Oxycrem developer with 1/4 ounce Olaplex Part 1 on the dropped root area and on her ends.

Step 2: To the deeper midshaft apply: Solaris Poudr7 and 40 volume Oxycrem with 1/4 ounce Olaplex Part 1. Start in the back then work up the sides, finishing with her top section.

Step 3: Process at room temperature for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, pulling the back out after 40 minutes, the sides out about and hour after, and leaving the top for the last 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 4: Tone with Eugeneperma Yzaé 1/210*1 1/2 9*2 and Yzaé 12 volume for 10 minutes on wet hair.

Step 5: Finish with Olaplex Part 2 for 15 minutes, then shampoo with Solaris Neutralizing Milk and Calista Tools Replenish Conditioner. 

"It came out just as she wanted it. I couldn't be happier with the results."


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