If you’re a woman, you may have been trying to look good for other people your entire life. You’ve aimed for some ideal female body. Celebrity trainer Holly Perkins says that it’s time to stop feeling that pressure, rescue your self-esteem and empower yourself. Getting in shape should make you feel happier about yourself, not stressed.


Perkins, who has created a home exercise system called baladea, offers three ways the proper fitness and wellness regimen can empower you:

  • Looking good feels good. That’s what you tell clients, right? Listen to your own advice! But you have to be trying to please yourself only. “There’s this sense of empowerment when you exercise, eat a healthier diet and lose weight because it’s what you want and not because of peer pressure or societal pressures,” Perkins says.
  • Being healthy feels good. As you gradually become healthier, your body will begin functioning better. “You will feel amazing,” Perkins says. “Your energy level will rise and you will feel ready for anything.”
  • Self-esteem rises. When you improve your image on your own terms, Perkins predicts you’ll find that “looking gorgeous never felt better.” 
  • Stress levels drop. Even if you eat well and exercise, excessive stress can keep you from losing weight and may even cause you to add pounds. Incorporate wellness, which includes relaxation, to create a comprehensive regimen. “Stress reduction and relaxation can significantly improve weight loss,” Perkins affirms.

“You can look awesome and you can feel happy at the same time,” Perkins says. “It’s all about letting your true self shine.”


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