Recently, editors were invited to sit in master colorist Kim Vōs chair at his Montage Beverly Hills salon and receive a Schwarzkopf Professional color service performed by Vō, Schwarzkopf’s Global Blonding Ambassador.  It was an opportunity for the press to experience the talents of an industry innovator and leader, while also learning more about the recently re-launched Schwarzkopf BLONDME, a lightening color and care collection for blondes. 

Karen Lawton, National Education Manager for Schwarzkopf Professional, explained that Schwarzkopf is quickly gaining wider exposure. “I meet with all kinds of salon owners and chains and everyone is so excited to get their hands on us,” said Lawton. “Once colorists try the line, they are amazed that it is so simple. If they are not using Schwarzkopf and they are afraid of change, like so many people, I will walk them through all the resources that are available including our Essential Looks Collection and our App, which helps them with formulation, remembering client birthdays and gives a great brand overview.”  

Vō, with three salons to oversee, works seven days a week seeing clients. His celeb list of famous blondes includes Kate Hudon, Britney Spears and Katherine Heigl.  He has perfected the blonde finish that looks ultra-expensive and high-maintenance but is achieved in a short time and requires less upkeep.  His efficiency is impressive.

“What I do well is focus on a task-- I am single-minded,” says Vō.  “You have to be myopic and really engaged. This is an accelerated look but it isn’t rushed; it very thoughtful and very artistic.  It is to sustain a look in-between the times when you are able schedule a double-process.   We call this ‘The Surrender’ because in the consultation, we listen to what the client needs and then we ask them to surrender and trust us."

After a single process on the roots, he painted some lows and some highs and conditioned throughout where there was sensitized hair that needed some help. 

"We don’t have to connect the dots to the scalp and we can blend a little," says Vō " Everything needs to finish processing at the same time. It's like making a TV dinner--the peas have to be ready at the same time as the brownies.

"Color is about continuity, consistency and control.   If you know what it can do you are able to color with confidence and build your business.”


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