L: Bubble pony // R: Bubble pony chignon
L: Bubble pony // R: Bubble pony chignon

Styles that easily transform from one to another without reworking the entire look are great options you can offer clients for festivals, long weekends and vacations.

The idea behind the concept is that you don't have to change the base of a style in order to make it different and fresh.

Pureology Artist Sandra Joseph created this one to transition clients from poolside to night on the town for Memorial Day weekend. The base is a bubble pony, and it transitions into a chic chignon.

Get the look: Bubble pony + chignon

STEP 1: Take a parting above the left corner of the eye and slice a diagonal line to the right corner in back of the head. This will create two large sections of hair. Apply a small amount of Pureology Colour Stylist Anti Breakage Twist shine texturizer throughout both sections to add extra texture and shine.

STEP 2: Secure a ponytail with an elastic in the right section. Add another elastic 1-2 inches beneath the first elastic. Push up the second elastic to create a bubble.

STEP 3: Gather all hair from the left section and secure with an elastic to the right ponytail to make one ponytail. Add another elastic 1-2 inches lower and repeat step 2 to create a bubble. Continue this pattern until you reach the end of the ponytail. Layer Pureology Strengthening Control zero-dulling hairspray throughout the pony for added support and shine. 

STEP 4: Create a finished look by draping the bubble pony over one shoulder, if desired.

STEP 5: To transition to the chignon, take the bubble pony created and roll around the base, securing with pins. Finish with another light mist of Pureology Strengthening Control for added hold.

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