Image courtesy of Mizani
Image courtesy of Mizani

Non-traditional rollers, such as Mizani’s Lacers and Hair Flair’s Curlformers, create frizz-free, long-lasting curls and waves without damaging the hair. Direct heat is not required to curl the hair with the tools.

Mizani’s Lacer is a circle-shaped foam tool that gently defines curls, coils and waves while boosting dimension. Lacers can be used in a variety of ways to create a multitude of curl patterns and to reduce or increase volume depending on the desired result. The more hair you place on the lacer, the larger the curl.

Curlformers are a synthetic, mesh tool that creates spirals, curls and waves using a hook-and-eye technique. Curlformers feature three lengths, three widths and two colors in each size; one color rotates clockwise, the other color rotates counter-clockwise.



Dampen hair by sectioning and apply a firm-setting lotion for hold. Set root-to-ends with Spiral Curlformers. Leave client under a hooded dryer until hair is completely dry—30 to 45 minutes depending on length and texture. Check by removing a Curlformer and simply replacing it if the hair isn’t dry. Allow to cool and set before removing the Curlformers. Gently rake though hair with fingers to loosen slightly, and mist a hairspray to create durable, long-lasting curls.

Image courtesy of Curlformers

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