Malibu C Global Marketing Manager Leslie Wade Wooldridge has been working with the Malibu C team, under the leadership of CEO Tom Porter, to create a new brand awareness campaign for their Malibu MakeOver, a two-step wellness treatment that addresses hair and scalp issues with five different systems.

The campaign includes a televised spot that tested in select markets. In putting it together, a new division under the Malibu Wellness umbrella was born—Direct Response Universal Salon Assets or DRUSA—that focuses on driving consumers into the salon for services. MODERN SALON asked Wade Wooldridge, to offer some insight

MS: Tell us more about the direct response part of the campaign and what you set as your goal:

WW: This innovative new division reaches uncharted territory in the beauty industry, as the focal point is a new self-liquidating DR campaign that uses cable television as a vehicle to drive salon services, including the In-Salon Malibu MakeOver. While the life of a DR Campaign is typically only 12-18 months, we are really focused on the bigger picture. The goal of this National Campaign is ultimately to raise awareness and drive consumers into the salon for years to come. The goal of driving customers into the salon is a central focus of Malibu C, at large, because as a manufacturer, it’s our responsibility to create a demand for the salons, and this is how we’ve gone about it.

MS: What elements did you include in the spot?

WW: In addition to featuring a series of consumer testimonials that speak to myriad issues of the hair, scalp and skin that Malibu C is able to address, this progressive marketing campaign also showcases a handful of highly decorated salon professionals who share why Malibu C is instrumental to the success of their in-salon services. What’s exciting is that the brand ambassadors who are speaking to consumers through this DR Campaign are American Board Certified Hair Colorists who are promoting the use of Malibu C in the salon.

MS: How does this new division support your overall mission?

WW: This new, self-liquidating campaign under our new DRTV division seeks to raise awareness for consumers of the Wellness Solutions available to them that are geared toward solving specific problems unique to each and every individual hair type, which is at the core of our Mission Statement to “solve problems for every human being using Wellness Technologies.” 


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