DRAMATIC CORRECTION: Fashion Boo-Boo to Tasteful Red

Kayla Zajes (@shinemakeupartistry), a make up artist and hair student at Est-Elle Academy, will be done with school at the end of July.

"I love doing hair and am so excited to be in this industry," she says. "I love how supportive stylists can be of each other, and how there is no ceiling or limits on how successful you can be! Before this I was a Project Coordinator for an oilfield company."

Zajes was faced with this incredibly challenging correction and demonstrated how that support (and education) has helped her so far.

"Tempo came in with bleached roots and Manic Panic red hair with bits of greenish brown throughout," Zajes says. "She was about to redo her hair and her mom told her to get a salon to do it instead. She told me she wanted to be a more natural looking redhead than the bright red Manic Panic and I knew there would be a lot of work involved."

How-to: Tasteful red

STEP 1: Lightener cocktail with 20 volume to attempt to even out her hair, focusing mainly in the areas that were very red (ends)  and muddy green (random bits throughout).

STEP 2: Go in with a filler using Revlon 734 in the areas that she bleached to blonde. "What remained was a pretty and even copper tone that she quite liked, so we decided to make it permanent," Zajes says

STEP 3: Apply Revlon Professional 8.04 and 10 volume.

STEP 4: Process for 30 minutes. "I knew it would contribute more copper orange with the filler that we had used, which was perfect," Zajes says.

Adds Zajes, "It was quite the task, but she was very happy with the results."


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