Jenny Hands
Jenny Hands

Learn the styling technique behind this round, soft textured look from Aveda’s Rare Bloom Collection, featuring the Dry Remedy system with certified organic Buriti Oil.

Inspired by the shape of sunflowers, Tippi Shorter, Aveda Artistic Director for Textured Hair, used a gliding freehand cutting technique to soften the edges of the hair, and a twist set to create uniform, defined texture “like the symmetry of petals” for her Rare Bloom model, Meron. Shorter says “the real secret to great results is in how you prep and treat hair, no matter the texture.”

For herself and her models, she incorporates the Dry Remedy Moisturizing system shampoo, conditioner, masque and oil—throughout hair care and styling. “Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil provides an instant luxe feeling on the hair,” she explains. “It smells amazing and is lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh hair down. I can use it every day and that’s important. Even after using once, you can feel the hydration.”


Prep: Shampoo and condition with Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

STEP 1: Divide the hair into 3 sections (back and sides). Beginning in the back section, take a 1" square subsection, and clip the remaining hair aside. PREP damp hair by emulsifying 1 pump of be curly style-prep in your hands and running them through the subsection. Brush through with an Aveda paddle brush.

STEP 2: STYLE by emulsifying a pea-size amount of brilliant humectant pomade in your hands and spreading it on the same subsection.

STEP 3: Divide the subsection into 2 strands, and twist them together in the desired direction from roots to ends using firm tension. Repeat until all the hair is set. Place under a hooded dryer with high heat until 100% dry (30-45 minutes).

STEP 4: FINISH by massaging 4-6 drops of dry remedy daily moisturizing oil into the hair. Untwist the hair and gently separate with your fingers or the tail of a tail comb to build maximum volume.


Learn more about the texture of Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil: Watch Aveda Artistic Director, Tippi Shorter demonstrate how well it penetrates a cotton ball compared to a leading hair oil. Then decide if it’s right for your salon and clients. Go to and watch the 3-minute demo!


Hair: Tippi Shorter, Aveda Artistic Director for Textured Hair
Makeup: Janell Geason, Aveda Artistic Director for Makeup
Photographer: Jenny Hands

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